Barcelona is a city in Spain. It is the capital and largest city of Catalonia, as well as the second most populous municipality of Spain. In 2009 the city was ranked Europe’s third and one of the world’s most successful as a city brand. Barcelona’s architectural treasures span 2000-plus years. Towering temple columns, ancient city walls and subterranean stone corridors provide a window into Roman-era Barcino. Fast forward a thousand years or so to the Middle Ages by taking a stroll through the shadowy lanes of the Gothic quarter, past tranquil plazas and soaring 14th-century cathedrals. In other parts of town bloom the sculptural masterpieces of Modernisme, a mix of ingenious and whimsical creations by Gaudí and his Catalan architectural contemporaries. Barcelona has also long inspired artists, including Pablo Picasso and Joan Miró, both of whom have major Barcelona museums devoted to their works.In the ancient modern period, Spain became one of history’s first universal provincial empires, leaving a vast cultural and morphological tradition that includes over 500 million Spanish speakers, making Spanish the world’s second most spoken first language.Modern Spain is a democracy organized in the form of a monistic government under a constitutional command. It is an advanced country with the 13th largest austerity in the world… Spain’s architecture presents one of the broadest and richest testimonies in Europe to thousands of years of building ingenuity.