Infectious Diseases

Infections are caused by microorganisms resides inside the host body.  The colonization of microbes is beneficial and sometimes fatal, vary according to the host immune resistance and drug susceptibility. In general biologist classified living organisms which are called as bacteria, virus, protozoa, fungi, Parasites, Prions, Viroid’s (plant pathogens, they affect the health of plants). The overlap of the kingdoms in this figure is intentional, because, given the evolution of increasingly complex and diverse species.

Market Research on Infectious Diseases

 The low- and middle-income countries particularly South-East Asia and Western Pacific Regions are had largest disease burden in 2012, with a total of 7.3 million deaths reported by WHO (World Health Organisation) regions, most attributable to indoor and outdoor air pollution. The most of people deaths are caused by disease and injury categories. The report finds that the vast majority of environment-related deaths are due to cardiovascular diseases, such as stroke and ischaemic heart disease.