Singapore is much more than the sum of its numerous attractions. It’s constantly evolving, reinventing, and reimagining itself, with people who are passionate about creating new possibilities. unlike many other densely populated countries, Singapore – with more than 50% of its area covered by greenery and with over 50 major parks and 4 nature reserves – is an enchanting garden city.Capitalizing on its melting pot of cultures, Singapore is finally getting some spark, and is fast becoming one of Asia’s hit-list destinations.Singapore is one of the biggest trade markets in Asia-Pacific. The Trade and Investments industry in Singapore continues to maintain its momentum, driven by economic and social developments and population growth. Foreign investment is affected in Singapore because of matured market.Singapore’s education/research system is the product of a distinctive, even unique, set of historical, institutional and cultural influences. These factors go a long way to help explain why the educational system is especially effective in the current assessment environment, but also limits how transferable it is to other countries. According to international standards, Singapore’s state of health is good. Rising standards of living, high standards of education, good housing, safe water supply & sanitation, high quality of medical services and the active promotion of preventive medicine, have helped to significantly boost the health of Singaporeans.

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